I'm a baby boomer sci-fi
geek with a laptop.

Its been quite a ride

but yesterday I lost my job. What this means is some of the things I have been taken for granted like a weekly paycheck (other then severance pay coming up for 16 weeks) there will be casualties, such as this website as I'm letting it languish. After this month, this website will be gone. I'm done. But all is not lost. I will be over here at Blogger, my permenant home on the web. Everything will be as it was except Blogger has a built in spell checker inside the text editor and its free. I can access my Blog at any hot spot in town. I had fun with this website and I'm not saying this is the end. When I get back on my feet and I have steady work, I'll reopen this website. I have plans for this site but that may have to wait until abiut late Summer early fall 2013. In the meantime, I'd like to thank all those that left comments and paid me a visit. I'd also like to thank my Twitter followers (I'll now be over at Blogger)

Most importantly I'd like to thank Markus for hosting my site. He was the one that designed the banner above and helped me out with a load of technical issues. For anyone that wants a Geeklog website, Geeklog is as fine a CMS as anything out there. I highly recomend them and for hosting, see Markus, he's a class act. I'll post a link to his site front and centre on my blog. Anyway gang, it's been fun. See you over here at Blogger  


James e. Shannon


I  managed to get The Mouth, The Finger, Razor and Session strings and I got Reaktor configured sound wise in my laptop. I need to go “under the hood” as it were and connect the inputs and outputs. Simple enough to do. The only instrument I haven’t been able to get yet out of K8 has been “Retro Synths 2. It might be under the Legacy file in Reaktor.”

I’m in bed in about 15 minutes Anne and I are going to spend some quality time and I’ll listen to a bit of Coast and pass out. The topic tonight is Crypto zoology (Bigfoot) and the “Fiscal cliff,” boring bed sounds like a better plan.

On my way into work I’m over to Rexall to get a $10 iTunes gif card as I want to buy the “Pages” app. I’m moving my diary away from my computer and composing everything on my iPad and after I get a month done, I’m uploading it to my iCloud account.

Other then that, not much is going on. I have this week and next week to put my vacation pay release request in, so I’ll have a cheque when I get back and that first week in January to pay my website and Lodge dues and take care of the K8 LM and bring home Machine. Can’t wait. Reaktor and Machine, is going to be awesome. Anyway that’s all for now.

We managed to get out of the house yesterday

I didn’t get a chance to begin my diary, working a lot with Cubase. I think I’m going to work in FL Studio as my DAW by choice because I have only 2 usb outlets and I’m not about to buy a usb hub just yet, although I’m thinking about getting Ableton Live 8 but 9 might be in development.

Anne and I went to Royal Pizza but she was tired and kind of in a grumpy mood for most of the trip but while we were eating our meat lovers pizza she brightened up a bit. After our dinner we went  over to Tim’s as it began to snow ever so lightly. We got ourselves a coffee and jay walked in between traffic breaks for the bus stop across the street. I had about 4 pieces of pizza left over. The train home at University station for a Sunday night was packed, which is unusual. We were home about 7:15pm.

Well. It looks like Google Earth gave us an update. I was surprised to learn that the old Shannon “ancestral home” after the landscaping the current owners had taken on, finally is completed and it looks really nice. The big shocker was Mr. Wilson’s house is gone. Something must have happened within the last 3 years. It’s nothing more then an empty lot. This is the same house I grew up in from 1959-71. A kind of before/after shot.  The photos didn;t turn out that great. I'll work on this later.

While at Audrey’s after my LM trip I bought the first book in the “Space Marine Battles” series. There’s a dozen books in the series so far and a 13th one coming in January. The top right hand corner got a bit damaged in transport.

 The idea was to head into work today for 6 hours and take Saturday off but I had a tough week. I wanted Saturday off to take in Commercial‘s installation. I might just go in for 2 hours Saturday and at noon. I‘ll still get 35.5 hours and I can always change in the mens room at the office. Anyway, that's about all for now.

It was on this day (Monday)

February 6th 2012 Sparky was put down. I still cast my eyes over to the Pet Smart when I see it from the train. I still love him and miss him.

Yesterday I was able to set up my Interac online debit card with my Scotiabank. I haven’t used it yet but in the morning when I get up I’m going to call Scotia and make sure I have it set up properly.

On my way into work the snow had just come down and was pretty heavy there for awhile. I went into my Scotia bank to deposit some funds into my account. The snow was falling thick on my way to work and I stepped inside the bus shelter on Jasper Ave beside Tim’s to shoot this photo. By about 1:30pm the snow was so thick it was almost like fog:


I had a decent day pulling in almost $400 in card and maybe $600 in sales, although doing CPC I stalled the last hour but it was better. Also I was able to call Neil to see about Frank‘s phone number but it was the wrong #, then I called Nathan but he didn’t have his number. I called Mike and Mike volunteered to do a Costco run for me for mix paper plates forks etc. Great everything is set up. I just need to review my material and I‘m good to go.

The last 10 minutes was brutal and I had to be careful paying attention crossing the icy streets and downstairs to Corona. I got home about 9:45pm. Tomorrow I‘m in for 4 hours and then home and off to Lodge. I‘ll be glad when it‘s Sunday and Anne and I are celebrating a positive and a bitter suit kind of an anniversary for us. For us it’s a full 12 years of marriage heading into our 13th year. That‘s the sweet spot. The sad news is, it‘s going to be 11 months since we had to put Sparky down. Anyway, that‘s about all for now.




me a response in the morning before I leave out of here and says they would accept a Visa gift card as a method of payment, then I’ll head over to the Baker Centre and get a Canada Post Visa gift card and on my 4:30pm (if I get a response during the day and before break, I’ll get the gift card on my break or my 4:30pm and get the short story of the day.) At $1.50 a story, that’s pretty good but what kind of quality am I going to get with a daily story? The most important thing though is to get set up with BL.

Also I was able to contact Mike and he’s doing the festive board, I just have to make sure that there’s enough for mix napkins etc. We’re short of mix and napkins I need to call Neil or Frank as well. I’m just doing the transition stuff until Frank takes over and I received my Lodge newsletter it being my last Newsletter as JW, thank God. 

On the rare occasion I like to reveal some of my stats for this blog from the past week, Sunday seems to be my best day for some reason:


I don’t know what to make of this but on Coast tonight First Hour: Aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin talks about NASA's announcement to send a new rover to Mars in 2020, and other space-related topics. What another Rover? WTF?

The Players met with some of the NHL Owners today but without the NHL and NHLPA the good news is they were talking for several hours whether this produces results to end the lockout is anyone’s guess so we’ll just wait and see.

I had a decent day today doing ret all day but got into a bit of trouble/warning not to take any iPad Facebook photos in the office. Oops, my bad. Anyway, that's about all for now.


At first I thought I could get the

Warhammer 40K Horus Heresy novels at Audrey's books but after checking their online ordering system, some of the books are out of print. They have a lot of them at various EBay sores of course but that would mean to get all 22 books (and growing) I'd have to go through a lot of stores on EBay. Then I thought maybe Games Workshop in West Edmonton Mall (WEM) might have them. They've got them listed but I'll call tomorrow to see if they have them all in stock. I wont get them all at once but at least it gives me an reason to visit WEM now, and under construction, there's a Best Buy store being put together in the mall. 

 Anne doesn't like me feeding Boots milk from my breakfast in the morning because it causes him to have the runs but I didn't know about this until after I took this photo:

Monday night Raw was pretty good this evening and on a scale from 1-10, I'd rate it about a 9. I knew something was going to interrupt the polygraph (lie detector) test

I was going to go into work this afternoon for 4 hours but Anne had taken the bus pass to put the rent in the bank and didn't get home until 5:30pm and I had no money to get downtown except what was on my ATM and its not like ETS passengers can buy a single ticket from the machine or anything. So this week, its in for 8 hours for Tuesday and Wednesday and I'm going to try for 3 hours in the morning and 4 hours for the afternoon losing an hour but Thursday evening its Lodge and Friday its the hangover and my banking and then Saturday I'm (hopefully) going to WEM for those Warhammer books. Anyway, that's about it for me for now.


It looks cod out

there. I'm glad I'm not out in it:

Not much going on today just relaxing goofing around. I'll read for a bit latter on.  

A couple of things on the calendar for this month, 1st up is our Lodge installation then Anne and I are about to celebrate 12 years together. We're not doing anything special except go over to Royal Pizza on the South Side, next weekend. Then on the 22nd my last day of work for the end of the year, I'm making my finale LM payment and getting NI's Machine, then I'm off for the next 10 days. Also the week I'm taking off my Internet tablet plan bill is due and so is my website fees and Lodge. 

They had a decent show last night on Coast what with a JFK Conspiracy update and Richard C. Hogland.

I mentioned this before but a local construction project called "Edgewater" is coming along nicely, located along Jasper Ave between 86th and 85th street. Google shows a bit of activity behind the houses between the 2 streets mentioned above in their last update shown about 2009. Those houses are gone now as the last one was removed this last week. They've got the first block of 4 story units up and the 2nd block is in early construction development. These 2 blocks will be facing 106tha Ave. I think the towers will most likely begin to go up in the Summer adjacent to Riverside towers. I recall living in the tower closest to 86th street in 1979 for a couple of months just after mom and dad moved back to BC. Anyway, that's about all from me for today.

I had a decent 1st half

on a lukewarm source and after using another lukewarm source closing in the last 40 minutes, I asked J if I could do a ret source and I did pretty good, I think.

After work under overcast skies I got a ride down to LM and I went and made a payment on my NI Komplete 8 using my Scotia Scene card and one of the staff showed some of the sounds from 2 monitors I'm looking at buying in the Spring. I tried the KRK Rokit's and I found them to be somewhat muffled and then the Yamaha HS's very nice and loud but only at 75% vol. Then I got to listen to the Yorkville's and got blown away. Of course the music on my iTouch didn't do these monitors justice because these are not designed for listening to music on an iPod, they are reference monitors for production work and I need a flat as a response as possible. They still haven't sold the Korg M3 keyboard. I think on Monday before work I'm going to head down to my Scotia bank and back to LM and put $50 on Machine. 

I also ordered NI's Machine MK 2 (white) and it should be here in a week or so and I'll put a brief deposit on it to hold it. Unfortunately I wont be able to get it until after Christmas or Boxing day week at the latest.

After LM I walked slowly back to Jasper & 109th. That whole corner is blocked off along the SE side of Jasper and it looks like a crane is moving in there shortly, most likely part 2 of the Mayfair. I forgot to pop into Audrey's to check on some more books I wanted as I discovered that the Star Wars X-Wing series is going to be releasing a boxed set of the 1st 9 volumes. So I want to put an order in for this, anyway, that's all for now.

I had a slow afternoon yesterday

but things picked up, especially in the evening.

Today is nothing special other then payday, it means this morning I have to make a deposit at my Scotia and then into the office. After work, I'm over at Audrey's books as I have another "Fate of the Jedi" novel to pick up. After that it's over to my RBC bank and then home. Sounds exciting huh?

Tonight on Coast it's "Earth files" and a bit of a UFO segment later, should be worth listening in on for a bit before I pass out. Other then that, nothing much is going on. Anyway, that's about all from me.

A cold November Thursday morning

to bed early but I ended up in in bed by about 2:45am listening to a bit of Coast. They were talking about the Ark of the Covenant.

I took this photo of my breakfast with Boots in the background watching as I'm having my morning coffee.


 I've got another 8 hours on the job the way things are going I think there's a new job in my immediate future probably after the New Year, I hope. Others are leaving. My morale isn't very good lately as far as recent days. There's been no mention of a staff Christmas party so far. 

Today I'm in for another 8 hours but that's Ok. Anne's made me a lunch and I'm hoping for a better day then yesterday. I always do. Anyway, that's about all for today.


After a bit of

pampering for my wife this morning I was in bed by 3am. Three am became 4am and 4:30am, I was feeling hungry and I could feel my blood sugar (bs) drop. Anne suggested the waffles and I went and heated them up and had those, not good enough, I had a couple of chocolates and cheese and crackers and then the sandwiches, I was still hungry but felt better about my bs back up there. The fact Anne had left the bedroom window open all night while it was -8 or so didn’t help despite the quilt cover. I was in bed  by about 5:30am and slept for about 5 hours, yeesh.

Before bed, I was trying to find a Twitter website feed app for my website and I’ve tried various suggestions but nothing seemed to work not even the code Twitter offers. I’m probably doing it wrong but a lot of the comments on these YouTube suggestions are not that up to date. Anyway, I’ve got a full day ahead and I’ve got to get ready, that’s about all from me for today.  

Things are going along Ok here

for the most part.

I went and cleaned up a bit of my C driver earlier and gained a couple of Gb's off my computer and did some studio monitor reearch. I'm kind of 50/50 on getting the Yamaha HS50's or the KRK Rokit 6's. Although I'm leaning towards the Yamaha's because they have a flatter response. These are reference monitors, they are not made for listening to music from the iPad or anything like that. They're made for listening to music in the mix. The Yamaha's are very honest monitors including the sub woofer. honest by meaning what I hear in my mix is going to be what the finale outcome will be. I've heard that the KRK's tend to bottom out in the lows. I hope to get the monitors before I go on my Christmas break.

It's cold but not freezing or anything. Anyway, I'm about to watch Monday night Raw so that's going to be about all for now.

Yesterday turned out ok after all (for the most part)

I got off the train not going into Tim's and went right to the office. I had a brief wait outside in front as staff began to show up, Kyle, Lawrence, Karen etc. Finally James let us in and upstairs. I had a good start getting a $210 sale after the lunch break on card and a couple more for $200. I think I ended up with $210/card and a total of $610 for the day, it was a nice day at work for a change. And I was on 1 campaign.

 After work as it was mild Warren, Kyle and I went across the street to catch a crowded #5 bus to Coliseum Piazza. This place has been around since the 1970's. It took us about half an hour to get there as the place was just beginning to get busy. I had the cheeseburger platter. On a scale from 1-10, I'd rate it a 7.5. Not a Wendy's but good and non stop pop. Kyle went along his way and Warren and I worked our way to Rexall. We had a bit of a trouble getting our ticket but got our seats in the barrier free section and enjoyed the game. The above is our sight lines to the game. Anyway, that's all for now.

I was in bed early enough this morning

by about 2:30am and I stayed up to listen to Coast for a few minutes. The topic was 2012 & Earth Activations researcher Drunvalo Melchizedek talking about 2012 the pyramids in Egypt, Atlantis and the Mayans etc. Coast has been having some good shows this week, what with Michio Kaku the physicist and the JFK show Wednesday and last night. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Tonight open lines and the weekend shows are pretty lame.

This morning I had restless leg syndrome and I’m lucky if I got maybe 4 hours of sleep having been woken up by a loud bang that felt like the ceiling was being breached above. At first I couldn’t identify it, then latter on after a couple of softer episodes I had enough. I put something on and went upstairs and knocked on the door to the suit above us. Nothing, I knocked 3 times and I think they got the message. I went to bed after taking a pill to ease the pain in my leg/knee after that and I think I got an hour but that was it. If I get the chance I‘m informing the caretaker.

I‘m in for 7.5 hours today. I got nothing all afternoon yesterday except for 1 sale. I did better in the evening next time I‘m in an afternoon sale drought I’m going to ask to do ret for half an hour, so at least I can have something on the board. Anyway, this cheque tonight is my stat pay for Remembrance day last week and only 29.5 hours because I had my Lodge installation practice but the stat pay is going to make the difference. Anyway, it’s still going to be a long day but that’s all for now

On this day

(Friday Nov. 22nd 1963) was the assassination of JFK. This is the 49th anniversary of the shooting in Dealey plaza and of course on the eve of the anniversary Coast has it’s usual JFK show on. I’ll be listening to this in a bit.

This morning it was colder the usual out there. My leg felt better. I got into the office and decided to see if I could log into Ched because of the JFK show on Coast but because of my iPad Adobe Flash can not be used but then one of the guys told me about “Tune in Radio.” I downloaded this free app and it works really good. I’m going to get the paid version, eventually.

Yesterday the NHLPA made another offer to the NHL but it was a little to late. They agreed to meet before the end of the week. The significant part of all this was that the NHLPA made some forward movement, more then they had done before. It seems that the owners are losing about $18-$20M/day! The players are losing between $8-$10M/day. Both sides are losing a lot of money also the league is losing sponsorships. They already lost Kraft foods and might also end up losing other sponsors like Coors etc.  

My day yesterday was ok but not great. I was glad to get out of there at 9pm, while the getting was good. I need to have a good day. Anyway, that’s all for now.